Learning SwiftUI, when you already know UIKit 📱

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I'm teaching a free online course to help experienced iOS developers get started with SwiftUI.

This course is available as a series of free livestreams on YouTube.

However, I know that following a training course on YouTube isn't the best option for everyone, so I also wanted to make the videos and code available for download.

They're available with a “Pay what you want” pricing: a minimum price is set at $1 but you're more than welcome to pay a bit more if you want to support my content creation ☺️

What will you learn in this course?

Chapter 1 - The Basics of SwiftUI

We start by taking a look at what a typical SwiftUI app looks like and we deep dive into the main concepts of SwiftUI to really understand how they work.

Chapter 2 - The Layout System

SwiftUI is first and foremost a UI framework, but the way it manages to layout views is quite different from how UIKit does it.

So we take the time to understand how views are laid out in SwiftUI.

Chapter 3 - State Management

If you've ever seen SwiftUI code, you've probably noticed that the framework makes a heavy use of property wrappers!

@State, @Binding, @StateObject, @ObservedObject: we'll discover how each of them allows us to manage state.

Chapter 4 - The Navigation

Once you've learned how to implement an entire screen in SwiftUI, the logical next step is to discover how to navigate between screens!

Here we go over the 3 main ways to navigate: push/pop, tab bar and modal presentation.

Chapter 5 - Advanced Data Flows

With this chapter, we start to reach the more advanced features of SwiftUI!

We already saw in Chapter 03 how to explicitly pass state between views, and now we learn how to implicitly pass state.

Chapter 6 - Mixing SwiftUI and UIKit

Now that we have a strong understanding how SwiftUI works, it's time we focus on a key topic that will enable you to start using SwiftUI inside an existing app: how to interoperate SwiftUI and UIKit.

Chapter 7 - Advanced UI

Finally, in this last chapter we discover advanced UI tips and tricks:

  • how to perform Animations and Transitions
  • when to use Lazy views
  • what useful APIs were introduced in iOS 15
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Learning SwiftUI, when you already know UIKit 📱

18 ratings
I want this!